Stop Pushing Start Flowing!


I have to admit, I get really pumped about my affirmations.  Like I really, really put a ton of energy and oompf into each word.  Are you the same?

We need to really, really put a lot of energy into these things if they are going to become our reality, right?

Actually, I realized today on my yoga mat that's pushing is probably not the right way to go about being on the same wavelength as God and the Universe. I get the sense that they don't do a lot of pushing.   It's probably more of a flow type of thing for them.

Are you a pusher for a flow-er?

I think it's time for us to learn how to flow~


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"New" YouTube Suppression Bot or "Shadow Sister" Algorithm

Yesterday, the amazing Phil DeFranco posted a sad yet inspiring video talking about why he is continuing to grow his off YouTube content strategies and businesses.  I'm really excited for him because I think it's a great thing. Honestly, every single YouTuber should have an exit strategy, just like every business person and employee should have an exit strategy.  Decades ago retirement was the exit strategy, but with people living longer and our whole way of life changing, that's not very realistic.  Anyway, I digress.

In Phil's video and then in Boogie2988's response video they both talk about this new "suppression bot." Here's the thing.  It's not new.  It has been there for a very, very long time.  It is part of the overall Search and Discovery Engine, aka The Machine, The Algorithm or in my mind, The Unruly Genius Toddler.  

There are actually two separate engines, or Toddlers.  The first decides if a video is advertiser friendly...

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Why Does YouTube Hate Me? The Dangerous Cycle of Analytics Abuse

Over the past year there is rarely a day that goes by without a YouTube creator asking me the question, "Why does YouTube hate me all of the sudden?" It can certainly feel like YouTube hates us when once top performing videos suddenly fall off the viewership cliff.  We dive into our analytics to see that they are no longer getting viewers by being recommended on other videos and channels, aka "suggested." 

Suddenly, we are back in middle school, and all of our once close friends are avoiding us in the hall, and not sitting with us at lunch. We don't know what we did wrong or how to fix it. This horrible feeling of confusion and helplessness bleeds into all areas of our lives, and begins to consume us. People who do not create YouTube videos cannot begin to understand how personal this business is. Every success brings intense joy into our lives, and every failure feels like the death of a loved one.  

From the outside it is very easy to think that...

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The Future of Kids and Family YouTube

family kids kids app youtube Apr 01, 2018

There has been much in the news lately about YouTube and kids' content, not all of it very good. The truth is that there has never been a better time for viewers and creators in kids and family content on YouTube. 

Every single day new creators are pushing the boundaries with higher quality, greater enrichment and more fun.  As parents we need to learn how to find that content and how to weed out the not-so-quality videos that are also popping up daily.

I've been a YouTuber for almost six years now and I've been watching YouTube for over ten.  I found YouTube because it was a safe place for my young daughter to watch fun videos.  I preferred it over commercial television then and I still do now.

Don't let the media frighten you away from YouTube either as a viewer or potential creator.  As a parent, it is always you responsibility to be aware of what your children are watching.  Never let an app or a website setting be a substitute for your own...

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Do Families Still Do That?

I remember Saturday nights at my grandfather's house. We would all gather in the living room, adults on the couch and easy chairs, kids on the floor with pillows and we would watch a movie.  There would be snacks and chocolate milk, too much talking and laughing so we missed most of the movie and the little ones always feel asleep before the end. 

Those nights now linger in my mind with a golden halo of happiness surrounding them. That was family. That was us together. As my husband and I sit in our living room, just the two of us, him on his iPad, and me on my laptop I wonder if we have missed out. Our child is upstairs on a laptop with earphones laughing at something only she will find funny.

How did we get here? Well it all started families began owning more than one television. Then we put tv's in bedrooms. First in mom and dad's, and then for some in the kids' rooms.  People started having TV Rooms and television moved into the kitchens. Families no longer had to...

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